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Errecom: the made in Italy label that leads the air conditioning and refrigeration market

Exports to over 130 countries, headquarters in Italy and overseas branches in Miami e Dubai: a globally recognised success.

Point of reference for the air conditioning and refrigeration market throughout the world: it’s Errecom, the company based in Corzano (province of Brescia) and headed by Luca Ronga. 20 years of experience proudly representing the Made in Italy label on the market have made Errecom one of the most reliable key players in the sector. And when it comes to sustainability, then the position in the ranking takes a further leap forward.

Established between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, thanks to the intuition of Luca Ronga that, together with his brother, had the determination to make the dream comes true. 

Errecom’s chemical products are specifically designed and developed for the maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems in various sectors: automotive, residential and commercial air conditioning, domestic and industrial refrigeration. The efficiency of the system is the crucial point of Errecom’s business, and, thanks to the in-house R&D laboratory, the company has demonstrated that the performance of a system can be affected not only by mechanical wear but also by chemical decay of refrigerant and lubricant. It’s also thanks to this analysis that Errecom can claim today to be a point of reference for the sector.

Errecom’s internationalization process started a long time ago: as a fast-growing company, thinking globally was the only option to overcome borders and boost its growth. From Spain and Portugal to Austria and France, achieving today some extraordinary goals: exports in more than 130 countries, and openings of two new branches (in the United States – Miami, and United Arab Emirates – Dubai).

The company has already planned to further enhance its global market presence. In fact, the strategic plan includes the opening of three new branches within five years: in China, India and Brazil. This decision will allow Errecom to optimise the distribution of its products throughout the world, considerably reducing delivery times. Luca Ronga’s vision has led also to the creation of AnnaTwelve, a brand of exclusive scents for interiors, dedicated to his daughter Anna, born on December 12th, 2012.

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